A group of local Vilcabamba resident experts in different areas will travel in the coming days to provide support and some immediate support to one of the Shuar communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon that participated in the Wellness Festival and which is currently doubly hit by the effects of the pandemic on its people, which are still being felt in various aspects of their daily lives, and by what is denounced as a growing contamination of its rivers (which are their source of food) due to mining activities that affect their territory.

Representatives of this Shuar community who participated with traditional medicines and ancestral wisdom in the Wellness Festival last year in Vilcabamba were the ones who requested the help.

The people of this area of the Ecuadorian Amazon are in a desperate situation these days. Their river is polluted by mining and they can no longer eat the fish that has been their traditional source of protein.

In response to their difficult situation, this delegation will carry out an assessment in the Shuar communities of Uunt Wishin, Santa María de Tunanst, San Vicente, Asunción, Yuganza and San Andres in the province of Morona Santiago during the days of their visit to learn about their needs. priorities and make possible forms of support.

The idea is to find ways to help them reaffirm their indigenous sovereignty and implement processes that help restore their self-sufficiency for food, health and the local economy.

The delegation volunteers their time and expertise and will travel by bus and stay in low-cost hostels to keep costs as low as possible.

The team that will visit these Shuar communities needs to raise $ 1000 to cover expenses and have a small fund to buy some much needed food at the Macas market to help the Shuar brothers in these difficult times.

Additionally, we are seeking donations of the specific items listed below in new or like-new condition, brought to you by our delegation.

Children's clothing (all types and sizes)
pruning saws
commercial size essential oil distiller
Large piece of greenhouse plastic.

Donations will be accepted until Friday, May 6 between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
Please bring your items and cash donations to Dr. Sunday's house (known to taxis as “Doctor Domingo's house”)

Donations outside that time or more information on how to help
Español : Contact Phil
Spanish: Contact Darwin

Thank you for your kindness and for making a difference in the lives of others!

Cover photo credit: Technical University of Ambato