The Shack BBQ is one of the recommended stops when you make a visit to the sacred valley of Vilcabamba to experience its gastronomy.

The route from Loja to Vilcabamba is full of magical views that seem to change their shapes, dimensions and magic according to the projection of the sun in its course from sunrise to sunset.

In several of these sites, the landscape and topography lend themselves to establish spaces that at different times have welcomed restaurants, whereabouts, among others.

Nowadays, one of those that stands out when you enter San Pedro de Vilcabamba is without a doubt The Shack BBQ and Beer from which to enjoy with the family is also like caressing Cerro Mandango (one of the icons of Vilcabamba).

This open-air restaurant specializes in barbecues (vegetarian and with animal protein) that are served while diners can enjoy the natural climate that accompanies the season in Vilcabamba.

The atmosphere is thus ideal for visiting with family or friends.

The Shack BBQ. BBQ Restaurant in San Pedro de Vilcabamba

The authentic BBQ flavor in the Vilcabamba Valley

A strictly rustic environment where the view and the freshness of the space are two of its attractions is the space where some of the most delicious barbecues that we have served as a family are served.

The space that was born as an alliance with another of the well-known enterprises in Vilcababamba, since next to it is the factory of Sol del Venado beer, has been attracting and conquering the public that visits it for several years with flavors, among which its specialty stands out, which are BBQ roasts.

This special BBQ flavor is a recipe that was born in the Hoffman family, inhabitants of San Pedro de Vilcabamba for decades and owners of Sol del Venado.

The restaurant that also offers vegetarian options (such as some really delicious roasted mushrooms), with its wide viewpoint to the part of the Vilcabamba Valley that joins with Cerro Mandango, has become one of the places to experience fusion flavors recommended to visitors. who come to this beautiful region of Ecuador.

On the site you can also taste while enjoying the varieties of roasts, the flavors of the most recognized craft beer in southern Ecuador: Sol del Venado.

At the end of your visit in this gastronomy obligatory in Vilcabamba, right at the customer service booth it is also possible to find other artisanal delicacies and items for personal care made by families in the San Pedro de Vilcabamba area that are ideal for a personal gift (as well as for self-love) or as for a special occasion.


Sometimes the capacity of tables at The Shack BBQ is exceeded, so we suggest that if you plan to visit with friends or large groups, check the availability of space through the whatsapp 0988519493

During your visit to The Shack BBQ, don't miss the opportunity to get to know the Sol del Venado processing plant, one of the most important family enterprises today in zone 7 of Ecuador, and discover several secrets of craft beer production, a delicious tasting of flavors and other surprises that are coming soon for visitors. Plan your visit as a group of family or friends to the Sol del Venado plant at WhatsApp 593 98 224 2828

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Parking at the BBQ Shack in San Pedro Vilcabamba. Restaurant and BBQ