Convention of Citizen Assemblies was held in Vilcabamba, which celebrates the success on this path towards Well-being and Local Collaboration

The parish of Vilcabamba, in the province of Loja, is proud to have once again hosted a collaborative call towards well-being and health.

On this occasion, this charming destination in southern Ecuador hosted the 1st Great National Convention of Local Assemblies for the Defense of the Republic, Health and World Welfare, an event that took place from May 3 to 5 with a notable participation both nationally and internationally.

This event brought together officials, renowned speakers and a diverse representation of citizens over the 3 days, consolidating itself as a space for dialogue and reflection on crucial issues for the present and future of our country and the world.

Among the renowned participants were the Board of Directors of ANCIPE (National Intercultural and Plurinational Citizen Assembly of Ecuador), chaired by Mr. Ramiro Armijos, and the Board of Directors of the Vilcabamba Local Assembly, led by Mr. Vicente Valdivieso.
Likewise, there was the presence of relevant officials such as General Staff Colonel Hugo Silva Viteri, Commander of Zone 7 of the National Police, and Dr. Humberto Tapia, Assemblyman for the Province of Loja, among others.


People from different parts of Ecuador debating sovereignty, health and well-being and public policies at the 1st GREAT NATIONAL CONVENTION IN DEFENSE OF THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE REPUBLIC, HEALTH AND WORLDWIDE WELL-BEING

On the first day, different conferences were held with national and international speakers, who addressed a variety of relevant topics, from health and well-being to sovereignty and global challenges, enriching the debate and offering new ideas to face current challenges.

In addition to the keynote conferences, workshops were held where participants were able to delve deeper into the topics discussed and contribute with conclusions and recommendations. This space for exchange and collaboration allowed for a constructive dialogue, characterized by respect and diversity of opinions.

Digital broadcast on social media extended the reach of the event, reaching an audience of approximately 40,000 people. This global dissemination underlines the relevance of the topics discussed and the interest they generate both locally and internationally.

One of the most significant moments was the preparation of a manifesto that includes the main conclusions and recommendations that emerged during the convention. This document, which reflects the commitment of the participants to the defense of the Republic and global well-being, will be presented in a public hearing to President Daniel Noboa, highlighting the importance of Vilcabamba as a center of debate and action in search of a more just and prosperous for all.

Thus, the Grand National Convention in Vilcabamba marks a significant milestone on the path towards greater understanding and collaboration in the search for solutions to current challenges. This event reaffirms the role of our parish as a space for meeting and reflection, where dialogue and action are promoted for the benefit of the local and global community.

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