The 5th edition of the Loja Live Arts Festival adapts to the global situation of social distancing and adopts the virtual environment as a public space for live arts.

40 cultural and artistic productions from 7 countries will be presented from November 18 to 24, 2020 through the use and exploration of new formats and digital tools.

Argentina, China, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Indonesia and Peru are the countries participating in this edition of what is announced on its website to be the “largest cultural event in the country.”

The International Festival of Living Arts of Loja, which celebrates its 5th edition, is held every year around the date of commemoration of the Spanish independence of Loja, which is considered the Cultural Capital of Ecuador for its history of artistic and cultural production. .

It is precisely for this reason that one of the most anticipated events this year is the presentation that the Loja Symphony Orchestra will offer (due to the celebration of the 200 years of this date) on November 19 with the “Loja Bicentenaria” Concert. which will bring together more than 50 artists on stage who will pay tribute to the city of Loja for more than an hour.

“If culture bases its development on creativity, innovation and the daring to go beyond the limits, culture in the era of the pandemic has shown that the limits of innovation, daring and creativity are far beyond than expected. The example is the V International Festival of Living Arts of Loja, which has challenged all the skeptics who thought that the conditions of the country and the world were insurmountable. (….) The eyes of the world are now turning on Loja, the culture is alive.”
Angélica AriasMinister of Culture of the Ec

During the seven days of duration, the Festival will also move to the different parishes of the province of Loja where presentations are announced. The parishes of Vilcabamba and San Pedro de Vilcabamba will also be a stop for the Loja Living Arts Festival with varied programs and November 28 respectively.

To know in more details the works that will be presented and the way of exhibition, connect with the official page of the Loja Living Arts Festival