An artistic meeting whose main objective is to reach more people with the message of the need to actively protect water sources from their origin in these times, will take place over two weekends in Vilcabamba.

Mural art, sculpture, music, circus among other artistic expressions is the proposal that a group of groups united for this cause propose for Sundays August 15 and 22 in Vilcabamba.

All the activities will be carried out in the context of the defense of the Fierro Urco páramo (known as the Hydrological Star of the South of Ecuador) today threatened by the Ecuadorian state's intention to develop large-scale mining exploitation in a region of extremely high biological and environmental importance. which is also the birthplace of at least 5 rivers that supply water to important urban centers and numerous agricultural fields.

On Sunday the 15th, the mural artistic intervention will take place, which is expected to start from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and where artists from the Vilcabamba community who wish to join the team of five muralists who arrive from the collective are invited. Ñaño House Museum for this activity. The members of the group, which is based in the city of Loja, have already carried out several interventions in the provincial capital with the same objective: to publicize the reality of the communities threatened by this extractivist intention to intervene in territories where it is born. the water according to Aquiles Salinas, an activist from Ñaño Casa-Museo.#IierroUrcoNoSeToca is the proposal that is born from 19 communities of three parishes of the Loja canton that remain in defense of the great corridor of Fierro Urco and its water sources.

And for Sunday, August 22, a cultural and artistic morning is planned where first an Andean blessing of the mural will be held and then it will be possible to enjoy different expressions of art.

This event is also intended to be an instrument that allows strengthening the call for attention by the public towards the relevant authorities of the Loja canton to comply with the provisions of the "Resolution to protect water sources, wetlands, forests and recharge areas and water regulation" also known as the declaration of Loja, free metal mining that is two years old since it was signed this coming August 27, but in practice there is little progress in the field to make it really functional, according to Andrea Cucalón of the Collective SOS Violence-Loja, another of the organizations that support the processes of the communities in defense of water and life.

Similarly, Roberto Domínguez of the EcoClub Vilcabamba extends the invitation so that people continue to consider Vilcabamba as a destination of nature, well-being culture and that also joins the defense of life processes.

The event will take place on the side street of the church (back block) in front of the pizzeria "La Caseta"